Practice Areas


Commercial Litigation


Business and commercial litigation: Our experienced trial attorneys represent corporations, partnerships, other business entities and individuals in litigation over a wide range of subject matter, including Landlord/tenant, construction, real estate, shareholder, partnership and other commercial disputes.

Construction contracts and leases: We are highly experienced at drafting, negotiating and modifying custom and form leases, contracts for construction projects, including design-build contracts, GMP contracts, construction manager agreements, architectural/engineering contracts, and other agreements.

Real estate transactions: We have the experience to handle sophisticated real estate transactions involving complex issues. We represent buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants, lenders and other interested parties.

Real estate litigation: We represent commercial and residential clients involved in high-stakes disputes over purchase and sale agreements, leases, mortgage and mechanic's lien foreclosures, and a wide range of other issues.

Arbitration and alternative dispute resolution of construction, real estate, and business controversies: Many contracts require arbitration rather than litigation for disputes that cannot be settled between the parties. Our attorneys represent clients in arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution venues for the resolution of commercial disagreements.

Business law: We provide legal services to businesses at all stages of their operations, from formation of business entities under New York corporate, partnership, and limited liability statutes through the negotiation of commercial and employment contracts, and such businesses' dissolution.


Criminal Defense


Our practice includes New York and New Jersey State Court and the Federal Court system. We have experience in all areas of criminal law from White Collar crime to drug cases to street crimes. From large conspiracies to individual DWI cases. We have successfully represented clients in appellate cases in both the NYS Court of Appeals and the Second Circuit.  We always provide a sophisticated, hard nosed and aggressive representation utilizing the latest technology to achieve success for our clients.

Our approach to defending our clients allows our attorneys to provide highly personalized attention and representation utilizing a team approach most often seen with large, national firms. We only take matters that we have the time and experience to aggressively defend.

We believe that successful legal representation is a collaborative effort between the firm’s attorneys and the client. In every case, we have a clear understanding our clients’ priorities and objectives, and develop a legal strategy specifically designed to advance them.


Real Estate law


Our experienced attorneys have worked on diverse Commercial sales/purchases and Residential sales/purchases. Every transaction brings along its own unique issues and controversies which we have routinely been able to settle to our clients satisfaction.  We understand that New York is a competitive market and attorneys must be able to quickly resolve issues so that deals are not lost and competitive edges are not negotiated away.



Health Care Proxies and Living Wills
Probate Administration


Family Law


Family Law: Family law cases are often complicated and sensitive. When individuals fight over child custody, finances, and property, the stakes are high and the emotions are strong. At Peluso & Touger, LLP, we never forget that your case is highly personal. We’re the firm to turn to when you need help settling your matters of family law in Manhattan, NY. We offer honest advice and aggressively pursue your interests, whether in mediation or in the courtroom. Schedule a consultation with us today if you require assistance with:

  • Divorce

  • Division of Marital Assets

  • Child Custody

  • Child Support

  • Adoption

  • Juvenile Law

  • Alimony

  • Post-Separation Support

  • Prenuptial Agreements

  • Injunctions for Protection